Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Night Shift was associated with murders. The hustlers who had killed the "Junk Food Professor" had been regulars. A police sketch of a Hispanic man was posted to the cashboxes; he had stabbed another patron to death. The populace of this "theater" was perpetually stoned on anything and everything - alcohol, grass, angel dust, MDA, acid, mescaline, Christmas Tree speed pills, and heroin-cocaine speedballs. Before it was padlocked by the Board of Health, the Night Shift was a cesspool of psychosis.

Bill Landis, Anger: The Unauthorized Biography of Kenneth Anger (245-46)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I think that the conclusion we must draw from this movie is obvious. All actresses should be lobotomized as soon as they are put under contract. It would save such a lot of anguish for them, for their agents and for their directors and, in spite of the surgeon's exorbitant fees, in the end it would save the studios a lot of money.

Quentin Crisp, How to Go to the Movies (47-48)