Saturday, January 18, 2003

The day he died, Elvis Presley’s body contained Valmid, Quaalude, and codeine in therapeutic concentrations and trace levels of chlorpheniramine, Demerol, Valium and morphine (possible metabolized from the codeine). Also found were Placidyl, pentobarbital, butabarbital, phenobarbital and several unspecified barbiturates. In 1981, Presely’s doc, George Nichopolous, went before the Tennessee Medical Examiner Board because it was found that during the last two and a half years of his life, Presley received more than 19,000 doses of narcotics, stimulants, sedatives, and anti-depressants. Nichopolous lost his license in 1995 when the state of Tennessee finally decided he had overprescribed not only to Presley, but to Jerry Lee Lewis and other patients as well.

Jim Hogshire, Pills-A-Go-Go (85)

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