Saturday, October 30, 2004

Waters' relationship with Montgomery was disintegrating, and she returned to Baltimore halfway through the summer. He moved in with Sique, who lived in a tree fort owned by Prescott Townsden. The tree house had no roof or running water, and trees grew up out of the living room floor. The fort was partly made from an old submarine suspended in branches of a large oak. There were seperate units, connected by gangplanks and reached by a rope ladder. Waters lived in one "apartment" with Sique and her friend Flo; Mink lived in another with Channing Wilroy, a friend from Baltimore whom Waters had admired when Wilroy was a regular on The Buddy Deane Show, Baltimore's version of American Bandstand.

Robrt L. Pela, Filthy: The Weird World of John Waters (31)

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