Saturday, November 06, 2004

Considering how often people in America inquire about the ethnic backgrounds of people they've just met, and considering that a kiss-me-I'm-Irish name like Hollahan invites the question, D.J. would have conversations like this over and over again all his adult life. He would come to hate us for for giving him such a green-beer-and-shamrocks last name. There were a couple of other family-name possibilities - Keenan, my middle name and also my other grandmother's maiden name; and Bunbaker, Terry's mother's maiden name. But Keenan presented the same "So you must be Irish" problem as Hollahan, and a name like Bunbaker could get a kid beaten up on the playground daily through grade school. With two gay dads and the name "D.J. Bunbaker," he would never get out of junior high alive. We might as well name him Liberace.

Dan Savage, The Kid (205)

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